Fat Burning Food- Part 27




The high water content in watermelon signals to your body that you are full, meaning you’ll eat less. Watermelon also contains the antioxidant lycopene.


Fat Burning Food- Part 26

Red wine



It’s good news that resveratrol, an antioxidant found in grape skins, inhibits the production of fat cells. However, if you need an excuse to drink wine rather than eating grapes, calcium pyruvate – found in red wine – also helps fat cells burn more energy.

Fat Burning Food- Part 25




Cinnamon helps get glucose into the cells faster so levels of your fat-storage hormone, insulin, are decreased.




Garlic is a powerful antioxidant, working to decrease your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that causes your body to store calories as belly fat.

Health benefits of Honey


The name of honey itself brings a tickle to the taste buds.  The thick caramel like liquid is known for its aroma and taste. Did you know that it has a wide range of health benefits too? Try reading through.

–          It is the nature’s energy booster.

–          Immune system booster.

–          Powerful anti-oxidant

–          Antibacterial effect

–          Acts as an anti-cancer agent

–          Relieves many ailments such as, athlete foot, acne, arthritis, yeast infections, asthma, bad breath, cholesterol, eczema, eye infection, hair loss, obesity, poor digestion, stress, warts, skin conditions etc.

–          First aid treatment in cuts and burns.

–          Relieves sore throat

–          Relieves insomnia.

And much much more. This is just a short list of the benefits. For each condition, honey can be used in different combinations to bring out its best desired effect.

Spice up your lives: Benefits of Black Pepper


Adding that extra zing to the Indian dishes, spicing up our meals, this humble natural product has been in our kitchen cabinets for long. But, did you know that black pepper can add a lot more than adding flavor to your dishes?

Helps prevent Cancer.

  • Combined with turmeric, it has heightened cancer prevention
  • Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Flavonoids, carotenes and other anti-oxidants helping in free radical removal and prevention of cancer.

Helps in Digestion.

Helps in reducing weight.

  • The phytonutrients on its outer cover stimulates fat breakdown.

Relieves flatulence.

Beats Dandruff.

  • A teaspoonful of crushed black pepper in a cup of curd, can be applied to the scalp and left for half an hour. Wash it off with water. Use mild shampoo the next day.

Relieves cough and clears stuffy nose.

  • Sprinkled over a hot soup, this can be an immediate remedy.

Improves appetite.

  • This can go a long way in treating Anorexia.

Helps in nutrient management.

  • By increasing the bioavailability of nutrients (Proper absorption and transportation) from food, this helps the body to use nutrients more efficiently.

Natural anti-depressant.

  • Increases the cognitive function of brain and thus helping in beating depression.

To make the best use of black pepper, make sure you use only freshly crushed pepper in your food.

Get to know 21 amazing facts about Vitamin C!


Vitamin C, as you know is one of the most abundant nutrient in this world. It is also the solution for most of the unhealthy conditions. Check this list out, to see whether you require a boost of your Vitamin C stores.

1. ‐ Most potent Antioxidant.
2. ‐ Most powerful free radical scavenger.
3. ‐ Powerful immunity stimulant.
4. ‐ Powerful Antihistamine (Effective in common cold, Asthma, Allergy etc)
5. ‐ Anticancer effect- W.H.O says Vitamin C prevents Cancer (Good for Cells)
6. ‐ Extended survival period and reduced complications in cancer patients taking high dose of Injectable Vitamin C.
7. ‐ Reduces the complications in Leukemia.
8. ‐ Helps in wound healing, ulcers.
9. ‐ Prevents scurvy and excessive bleeding.
10. ‐ Reduces Teeth gum bleeding and pain (Good for Oral health)
11. ‐ Stimulates liver enzymes (Good for Liver)
12. ‐ Reduces the complications in biochemical stress conditions like post chemo or radiotherapy.
13. ‐ Reduces depression (Good for Mental health)
14. ‐ Helps in Bone formation and Collagen synthesis (Good for Bone health)
15. ‐ Regulates cholesterol metabolism and releases energy from fat. (Good for Body weight Management)
16. ‐ Helps in Iron and Copper absorption. (Good for Blood)
17. ‐ Helps in Thyroid hormone production (Good for Thyroid Glands)
18. ‐ Powerful Anti viral and Anti bacterial effect.
19. ‐ Controls blood sugar levels by influencing carbohydrate metabolism (Good for Diabetes)
20. ‐ Reduces the damages caused due to smoking.
21. ‐ Known as ‘Best Beauty Vitamin’ for its Anti Ageing effect. (Good for Skin Care)

Beauty Tip: Prevent wrinkles and look Younger!



Exposure to sun and ageing process is known to cause increased wrinkles. how can this be prevented? The nature itself has given solution along with the problem. Vitamin C, E and Selenium are the antioxidants that helps in preventing them. You can check the list below for their sources.

Vitamin C: Citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, Guava, tomatoes, pepper, broccoli, spinach.

Vitamin E: Vegetable oils, nuts, green leafy vegetables, Avocados, whole grains, sunflower seeds, almonds.

Selenium: Organ meat, sea food, Brazil nuts, grains.

If it is difficult to get these food items, make sure you bulk up a store of their supplements.